Monday, March 10, 2008

My First Blog

I am Irshad and from the "planet EARTH" (No, I am not an alien from Mars). To be exact, I do not live in any watery surface (ocean, rivière or lac , did I mention hat I am trying to improve my french) but live in the drylands (sécher des terres). I am 22 and still a kindergarten student in the world of blogging.

This is my first blog as well my first blog entry. To make things interesting this is my first entry in a journal too. (to put things straight, I never maintained a diary in my life till today). I was and am an avid reader of a lot blogs.

My all time fav blog will be without a doubt Keshi’s blog - It discusses contemporary issues (for philosophers – if we have any) as well as some crazy stuff which makes you laugh. Other three blogs which inspired me to be a blogger were Cinderella, Michelle and Musings. (Cindy -, Mich - and Muss -

I am came across the blog “between us friends” sometime back and am interested in joining the blog. If any of you’ll know the host/administrator, please refer me to them. (besides, this is a small small world).

P.S: I’ll mention a little bit more about my self in the next blog entry.

Cha Cha till next time...


Keshi said...

hi Irshad :)


Keshi said...

yes I read that :) tnxx Irshad, Im glad to be an inspiration to ya.

To join BUF, we need to ask Ishita..she's the admin there. I'll speak to her soon and let u know.



Welcome.Blog dosen't demand anything.We are all enjoying a mid-day break at the school...
join the party...
me too blog.

Sahefa said...

Welcome to the world of blogging Irshaad. There are many good freinds to make here. Thank you for stopping by my blog and appreciating it.
Your blog is going to be a big success that i can tell from the first post
Best of luck:D

SMM said...

Hey Irshad...Welcome to the Blogging World and thnx for the birthday wishes :)