Monday, March 10, 2008

My First Blog

I am Irshad and from the "planet EARTH" (No, I am not an alien from Mars). To be exact, I do not live in any watery surface (ocean, rivière or lac , did I mention hat I am trying to improve my french) but live in the drylands (sécher des terres). I am 22 and still a kindergarten student in the world of blogging.

This is my first blog as well my first blog entry. To make things interesting this is my first entry in a journal too. (to put things straight, I never maintained a diary in my life till today). I was and am an avid reader of a lot blogs.

My all time fav blog will be without a doubt Keshi’s blog - It discusses contemporary issues (for philosophers – if we have any) as well as some crazy stuff which makes you laugh. Other three blogs which inspired me to be a blogger were Cinderella, Michelle and Musings. (Cindy -, Mich - and Muss -

I am came across the blog “between us friends” sometime back and am interested in joining the blog. If any of you’ll know the host/administrator, please refer me to them. (besides, this is a small small world).

P.S: I’ll mention a little bit more about my self in the next blog entry.

Cha Cha till next time...